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数据记录的投诉,ICO数Record number of data complaints made to ICO


Record number of data complaints made to ICO


The UK's information commissioner has called for better funding for the country's data regulator amid a record number of cases.


Ahead of the release of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) annual report, Christopher Graham said the body needed "stronger powers".


In the past year, the ICO issued £1.97m in penalties to companies found to breach data protection rules.


The report highlighted a high number of incidents involving local government.


"In particular, the disclosure of personal data in error," the report read.


In one example, a probation officer pleaded guilty to revealing the new address of a domestic violence victim to the alleged perpetrator. The officer was fined £150, and had to pay £280 in costs.


The ICO said it resolved 15,492 data protection complaints in the last financial year - a 10% rise on the previous 12 months. The number of calls to its advice helpline rose by more than 15%.


The ICO secured 12 criminal convictions and two cautions for the unlawful obtaining or disclosing of personal data.


In another incident, the ICO intervened when Staffordshire Police ran a Twitter campaign naming people charged with drink driving.


"Whilst releasing some details of people charged with criminal offences is acceptable," the ICO ruled, "using a hashtag '#drinkdrivers' is potentially misleading as it implies guilt."

“虽然释放的人被指控犯罪的一些细节是可以接受的,”ICO统治,”用一个标签的# drinkdrivers”是潜在的误导性,因为它意味着内疚。”



At the launch of the report on Tuesday, Mr Graham will say: "Facebook, [NHS] care data, Google: it is clear that organisations' use of data is getting ever more complicated. People need to know someone is watching over their information.

在星期二的报告发布时,格雷厄姆先生说:“facebook,NHS ] [护理资料,谷歌:很明显,组织的数据的使用正变得越来越复杂。人们需要知道有人在看他们的信息。

"Independence means someone who's got the resources to take on this ever-growing number of cases. The last 12 months have been a record year - more complaints resolved than ever, more enforcement action taken and more advice given through our helpline.


"And it also means having the powers to act on the more serious complaints. A strong regulator is needed if a data breach affects millions of people.


Google Street View car The ICO reopened its investigation after a US probe uncovered more detail about the data captured


"To do our job properly, to represent people properly, we need stronger powers, more sustainable funding and a clearer guarantee of independence."


The ICO in the past has been criticised for both being too lenient, and not thorough enough, when investigating companies.


The ICO was described as "sadly lacking" by privacy campaigners when it dropped a 2010 investigation into Google's scooping up of personal information from wi-fi networks when taking pictures for its Street View product.


The ICO dropped its investigation after receiving reassurances from Google - only to re-open it in 2012 after US regulators found wrongdoing on Google's part.


In that year's annual report, it admitted it had not issued a single fine to any firm. However, new powers granted in January 2012 made it easier for the ICO to fine large amounts.


In this year's report, the highest number of complaints relate to nuisance calls. Over the 12 months, 161,720 complaints were made - 46% of which related to automated calls.



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