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Discover treasures of spring 春季赏花“路线图”

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Discover treasures of spring 春季赏花“路线图”


Discover treasures of spring

With so many perfectly shaped and beautifully colored buds blooming, the season of spring becomes a spectacular show of flowers. It is the perfect time to have a wonderful floral excursion.

Here we introduce some local flowers and the best places to appreciate them. So why not go out with your friends and indulge yourselves in the sea of flowers?

Cherry blossoms

From the end of March, cherry trees begin to blossom and their florescence usually lasts for two weeks. With a little breeze, the cherry blossoms fall on the ground and create an amazing “cherry blossom rain”, which offers a romantic background for your photos. It’s a good choice to gather under flowering trees to enjoy picnics and barbeques, or just watch blossoms quietly falling in the wind.

Where to go: In Shanghai’s Gucun Park the cherry blossom festival began on March 20. Except for traditional flower appreciation, a series of activities are held, such as a photography competition, blind dates, and culture exhibitions. With almost 4,000 cherry trees of 28 different varieties, visitors can bathe in a sea of millions of white and pink blossoms.

When to go: Late March to mid April.

Cole flowers

If you are bored of white, pink and purple flowers everywhere in spring, the yellow cole flowers will refresh your eyes. Bright cole flowers in a field are like carpets covering the ground.

Due to different temperatures across the country, there are blooming cole flowers waiting for you to admire them from February to August.

Where to go: The cole flowers in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, have been blossoming since late February and the magnificent sight will last for two months. A culture tourism festival has begun this year, inviting visitors to appreciate the “most beautiful sea of cole flowers”. Remember to climb to the top of Hanshan Mountain in Nanzheng county to take the best pictures.

When to go: March 22 to April.

Apricot blossoms

In the North, apricot blossoms are regarded as the best messengers of spring, because apricot trees bloom earlier than peach trees and pear trees. Similar to plum blossoms, its buds are red, turning into pink blossoms at first and then a blooming white.

Where to go: The apricot blossom festival is held annually in Beijing’s Fenghuangling (Phoenix Ridge) Park. Due to the low temperatures this year, the apricot trees’ blooming period has been delayed to Tomb Sweeping Day. The mountain is carpeted in endless white and pink, just like the rosy clouds in the sky. Tourists can watch traditional folk performances, and taste wild vegetables and local snacks.

When to go: March 15 to April 15.

Peach blossom

In The Book of Songs (Shijing), the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, there are countless descriptions of peach blossoms. It shows how the country loves them. Pink peach blossoms are like theflush on a shy woman’s cheeks, radiating an irresistible charm. Perhaps the blooming peach flowers will help you encounter the right one soon.

Where to go: You may have seen peach blossoms in parks or mountains before, but have you seen them on the plateau? The 12th peach festival in Nyingchi, of the Tibet autonomous region, opened on March 26. Imagine a sea of pink at the foot of a snow-covered mountain beneath a blue sky. It is definitely a unique experience.

When to go: March 26 to late April.


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