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A beach town in the US state of New Jersey recently passed a ban on trousers, jeans or shorts that hang more than 3 inches (7.6 cm) below the hips, a hip-hop style that originated in US prisons. Anyone who breaks the rules, which apply on the town’s boardwalk, will be fined $25-100 (154-615 yuan) the first time, and $200 for a repeat offense.

But those low-hanging pants aren’t the only fashion crime. Here are some other items of popular travel clothing that may also need to be banned.

Thai Fisherman Pants

These lightweight cotton unisex pants that are wide in the waist and were originally designed for Thai fishermen, are popular due to their comfort, durability and relative ease of wearing. But the bad news is that wearing these pants isn’t the way to “go local” in Bangkok. All they do is make you fit in with the many backpackers roaming the city.

“Wearing them with thongs to wander around town is considered ‘low class’ (even if we don’t say it out loud),” wrote a local Bangkok woman, who called herself “Beebah” online, on travel-sharing website Virtual Tourist. “It’s better to dress ‘respectable’ if you want to be treated well. Even a T-shirt and shorts are better than fisherman pants and tight sleeveless shirts.”
一位来自曼谷当地、自称‘Beebah’的女士在旅游网站Virtual Tourist上写道:“穿着人字拖和渔夫裤在城市中闲逛,会被认为是‘低阶层’(尽管我们不会大声说出来)。”她接着说:“如果想得到友好得体的款待,最好‘体面’着装。即使T恤加短裤的搭配也要好过渔夫裤和无袖紧身衬衫。”

If you really love these comfy pants, wear them “when relaxing around your guesthouse, not when you’re sightseeing or eating out in good restaurants”, said Beebah.

Slogan T-shirts

Wearing T-shirts with slogans in the local language on them may seem cool to some young tourists who are swept up in the excitement of being in a foreign country for the first time. And let’s be fair, some of the slogans, like “I heart NY”, aren’t bad.
对于那些为第一次出国旅行而幸福不已的年轻游客而言,身着一件印有当地语言的标语T恤可能是件很酷的事。平心而论,一些像“I heart NY”这样的标语其实并不赖。

But the thing about this trend is that slogan T-shirts are supposed to be a means of telling the world what you care about. Are you sure you want those words, of which you probably don’t even know the meaning, to speak for you? They could be some meaningless words and make you look really stupid.

What’s worse, some slogan T-shirts are political — you might get yourself into trouble without even knowing it.
更糟糕的是,一些标语T恤带有政治色彩 — 你可能会身陷麻烦之中却全然不知。


Comfortable and easy to slip on and off, Crocs have been go-to-beach shoes for many people. Even former US president George W. Bush was known for his fondness of Crocs, paired with socks.

But let’s admit it: these holey plastic clogs are deadly ugly in every way. If you search online for “Crocs”, you’ll find that there are many haters of the shoes. A video on YouTube shows a woman cutting a yellow pair of Crocs into pieces before putting them in a blender. And there is a Facebook page called “Let’s Burn Crocs!”

“They [Crocs] are the ultimate example of what happens when practicality supersedes normal boundaries of taste,” said a CNN story. “Proponents would have it that their hideousness is outweighed by comfort, but Babygros are comfy, too. You don’t feel the need to parade around in them, do you?”

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